Teamspeak Server Rules

Eyvalon Teamspeak Server Rules

  1. Friendliness, courtesy and respectful interaction have top priority. Verbal attacks against other users are strictly prohibited.

  2. No inappropriate profiles (usernames, avatars, accounts and status). This includes, among other things: pornographic, racist or offensive content / usernames, empty usernames, unusual Unicode characters or excessively long usernames.

  3. False statements, defamation, trolling or the like is prohibited.

  4. Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be publicly exchanged.

  5. The recording of calls is only permitted on the entire server after consultation with the users of the corresponding channel who are present. If a user does not consent to the recording, recording the conversation is prohibited.

  6. External advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited. Also via our server as a private message to users.

  7. Account sharing is prohibited. This also includes passing on passwords.

  8. All trading for real money is prohibited.

  9. Tagging / pinging / marking users and user ranks for no reason is prohibited.

  10. Racism and anti-Semitism in any form will not be tolerated!

  11. Channel hopping (constant switching from one channel to another) is prohibited.

  12. The playing of your own music or the transmission of other undesired sounds is prohibited. Interfering noises are to be avoided.

  13. Insults, obscene, illegal or not suitable for young people (NSFW content) are prohibited in all channels!

  14. Provocative discussions, caps lock and any kind of spam are to be avoided.

  15. No bots may be connected to the Teamspeak-Server.

  16. The instructions of Admins, Moderators, Eyvalonier must always be followed.

  17. ADVERTISING and discussions about Pay2Win Games FORBIDDEN!!! (*)
    Exceptions: Star Trek Online: STO is only “half” Pay2Win, since you can not only buy the improvements for euros, but also produce them or get them as loot.

By entering our Teamspeak-server you agree to the Teamspeak Terms of Use and our Rules.

(*) Info to Rule 17

What are Pay2Win Games:
“Games that let you buy better gear or craft better items faster than anyone else, and then make the game largely unbalanced in-game even for people with skills without paying.”

Any game policy that requires certain content to win is locked behind pay barriers. Forcing people to pay to access that content.

While no one can access the content through other methods in the game (combat, trading, etc.).

Because I am personally against Pay2Win games, because I have unfortunately witnessed in “real life” and in the “online world” how players were “broken” by them.
At first they only invested a little money and then more and more. Until they reached the status: lost their family; lost their job; became alcoholics… but still gambling!
I would feel “complicit” if, through advertising or discussion about a P2W game, community members became “addicted” to it and “crashed” in the same way.
Yes, I know that not every player would be like that, but there is a chance! That’s why I want to prevent it from happening as much as possible!

Is that censorship now?
In principle yes, but a well-intentioned one!
“If you visit someone who absolutely doesn’t like football, you wouldn’t either (even if you do like football) talk about football. Because friendship is more important!”

Not everyone has to like this rule,
But it is not there to “attack” or insult anyone personally!

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