Rules for all Eyvalon Game-Server and Guilds/Fleets/Clans

The following Server-Rules apply to all Eyvalon Game-Server

  1. Friendliness, courtesy and respectful interaction have top priority. Verbal attacks against other users are strictly prohibited.
  2. No inappropriate profiles (usernames, avatars, accounts and status). This includes, among other things: pornographic, racist or offensive content/usernames, empty usernames, unusual Unicode characters or excessively long usernames.
  3. False statements, slander, trolling or the like is prohibited.
  4. Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be exchanged publicly.
  5. Streaming/recording is only permitted after consultation with the users/admins present and prior notification.
    If a user does not agree to the recording, the recording is prohibited.
  6. External advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited. Also via our server as a private message to users.
  7. Account sharing is prohibited. This also includes passing on passwords.
  8. All trading for real money is prohibited.
  9. Unreasonable tagging/pinging/marking of users & user ranks is prohibited.
  10. Racism and anti-Semitism in any form will not be tolerated!
  11. Insults, obscene, illegal or adult (NSFW content) are prohibited!
  12. Provocative discussions, Capslock and any kind of spam are not allowed.
  13. No bots/macros may be connected to the servers.
  14. AFK gaming is prohibited.
  15. The instructions of admins, moderators, Eyvalonier must always be followed.
  16. There is an absolute zero tolerance policy for scam/cheating. All scammer/cheaters will be permanently banned immediately.
  17. Exploiting bugs (BugUsing) is not allowed!
  18. Eyvalon Guilds/Fleets/Clans (incl. MMOs):
    18.1. You can only be in the Eyvalon Guild. Multiguild membership is not allowed!
    The only exception: account guild bank or account guild warehouse !
    18.2. Duty to represent the Eyvalon guild with every character!

Fun is the priority! Nobody has to because someone else says so ! :slightly_smiling_face:
If you need help, get in touch! There are almost always other players who are happy to help ! :slightly_smiling_face:

The server rules are still in progress and can be extended or changed at any time!

By entering our Eyvalon server, you agree to our rules and to complying with the rules.