TS-5 or TS-3 Client? [EN]


Which Teamspeak client would I recommend?

Clearly the >>> Teamspeak-5 Client <<<


  1. Because this is the future of Teamspeak
  2. Because our Teamspeak server will also (as soon as available) be a TS-5 server!
  3. you can post videos and watch them directly in the client (see picture)
  4. you can post smileys (see picture)
  5. you can post GIFs (see picture)
  6. the TS-5 client is being further developed, the TS-3 client is NOT (only regular updates such as security/technology)
  7. Visually nicer… but that’s a matter of taste :wink:

You have to register on myteamspeak.com,
but you have to do that with Discord too.
Only Teamspeak offers good data protection and more security than Discord :smiley:

So… Switch to the Teamspeak 5 client!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: