Vintage Story Commands

/serverinfo a small list of commands/infos


/home [name] Teleport to a homepoint
/sethome [name] or /home set name Set a homepoint
/delhome [name] Delete a homepoint
/home List all homepoints

Land claiming

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Press T in-game to open the text window.

/mystats to see how much land you can claim
/land will list the possible subcommands

Step by step

  1. Create a new claim with /land claim new
  2. Stand in one corner of your desired area and set the start position with
    /land claim start.
    Travel to the diagonally-opposite corner and set the end position with
    /land claim end.
    The start and end commands mark the corner points of a cuboid that will be claimed. After start and end points are defined, a white preview cuboid will appear, indicating the area that will be protected by the claim. If both start and end points were on level ground, the cuboid will be below ground and not visible; remedy this by extending the cuboid upward.
    Example: /land claim grow up 10.
  3. You can fine-tune the selection area with the direction-specific commands /land claim grow [north/east/south/west/up/down] [number] to lengthen the cuboid in a given direction, or /land claim shrink [north/east/south/west/up/down] [number] to shorten the cuboid. For example, if you want the claim to protect below your basement, use /land claim grow down 20; if you want it to extend not so far south, /land claim shrink south 2.
  4. Add your currently selected area to the claim via /land claim add. The preview will turn green to indicate that it is now part of the claim-in-progress. Note the Default Limitations below for minimum size, etc. /land claim add will fail if the requirements are not met.
  5. You can now add another area by defining start and end positions, but it must be adjacent to an already claimed area. If the new preview area does not have at least one white wall touching the green wall of an already-added area, /land claim add will fail for the new area.
  6. When you are done adding areas, save your claim with /land claim save [name]. If you forget to give it a name it will still save. But if you make multiple claims, a descriptive name is important to distinguish them from each other.

Granting access to other players

There are two levels of permission you can choose from when granting access to your claims.

  • Use access allows opening doors and containers, and removing items from containers.
  • All access provides Use access as well as the ability to place blocks and break blocks.

Let’s say you want to give player Joe full access to one of your existing claims.

  1. Check your current claims via /land list. The number in each line is the index number currently associated with that claim. Note: editing and saving a claim will change its index number.
  2. Load your claim with that index: /land claim load [index]
  3. Grant access: /land claim grant Joe all
  4. Save your claim again: /land claim save [name] If you neglect to enter a name at this point, only the claim index will show the next time you look at your land list.

Granting access to groups of players

  1. Create a group (see list of of group commands)
  2. Check the claim index: /land list
  3. Load your claim: /land claim load [index]
  4. Grant access: /land claim grantgroup [groupname] all
  5. Save your claim again: /land claim save [name]

Granting public use

Let’s say you’ve built an inn and want to let everyone use it, but not add or remove blocks:

  1. Check the claim index: /land list
  2. Load your claim: /land claim load [index]
  3. Grant access: /land claim allowuseeveryone true
  4. Save your claim again: /land claim save [name]

If you change your mind and want to remove that authorization:

  1. Check the claim index: /land list
  2. Load your claim: /land claim load [index]
  3. Revoke access: /land claim allowuseeveryone false
  4. Save claim again: /land claim save [name]

Deleting a land claim

  1. Check the claim index: /land list
  2. To initiate, use /land free [number] with the index of the claim you want to delete
  3. The chat will prompt you to confirm your choice; do so with /land free [number] confirm

Default limitations

These are server-specific, but you can look up your limits with the command /mystats

  • An area must be 6x6x6 blocks or larger
  • The total claim size may not be more than 3 whole 32x32x32 chunks
  • May not create more than 3 separate claims